April 29, 2020

I needed a few funky licks in my tracks and, since I don't play guitar to any worthwhile degree, I wondered what I could synthesize. So I messed about with the Ableton Live Tension instrument, and came up with at least a semblance. If you're fussed you can check out what I did in this video:

If you really think it might be useful, download it with this link:

Schenken Funk Guitar Demo Project

The download file is an Ableton Live Pack (ALP) file so you can simply double-click on it and Ableton Live will unpack it for you. You will need to have the Suite version of Ableton Live 10, in order to have Tension and Max For Live (the latter is required for using the LFO MIDI device).

Now, I might just add that I'm not terribly impressed with the final experiment, but what the hell. I confess I ended up actually paying out for Native Instrument's Scarbee Funk Guitar plugin, which I must say is quite impressive, albeit it has a bit of a learning curve.

Anyway, let me know if you actually find a use for it. Cheers!

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