Welcome to my rarely-updated website, which was developed just for the sheer hell of it. All content is just banter and purely for fun.
Simple approach for ensuring safe data access across multiple threads, by wrapping single items of data in a class to implicitly handle code locking. What do you think? Perhaps useful, total rubbish or: Nice but not scalable for large applications?
Aka SMFFTI, a Windows console program for constructing MIDI files from commands held in plain text files. I developed it as an easy way of constructing chord progressions without the tedious drawing in the Ableton Live piano roll.
A purely experimental, and not terribly successful, attempt at using Ableton Live's Tension instrument (and other stock devices) to fashion a rude funk guitar instument.
Javascript is okay to work with I guess, but you've got that tedious situation of having to minify and obfuscate. I used to use the Google Closure Compiler but tended to find it a bit painful tracking down output errors using the Advanced level of compression. So I thought: Why don't I just write my own minifier? And I did, and it works. It's fine for my pathetic little projects.
Skin City allows you to not only edit Ableton Live 10 skins but also generate them - thousands of them - each with their own randomly-selected colors and shades. Windows 10 application. Just a bit of fun really, but if you're having an off day musically-speaking, take a break and go create some skins.

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All code for this site all developed by moi - including the nifty comment section!

I'm a half-capable developer who can wade about up to his neck in C++ (Windows, Win32, MFC, STL) but also have a web-jockey hat (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Ajax).

Not really looking for a job, but if something appealing came up, I'd consider it. Kent UK.

April 21, 2024

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